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Pink Dragon(PING LONG) and A rainbow prayer



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Pink dragon(ping long)surrounds the earth with energy of enlightenment such as love, peace and happiness like a rainbow.
This image is delivered on our web site and QR code for cell phone.

flag of china

flag of china
핑크 드래곤(도룡)은 지구를 사랑과 평화,
무지개와 같은 행복・・・
인라이트먼트의 에너지로 감쌈니다.
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flag of china
Le dragon rose (ping long) entoure la terre d'un cercle d'énérgie;
l'amour , la paix , le bonheur sont autant de couleurs de cet arc en ciel.
Cet image est présente sur notre sit web
ainsi que sur notre code barre pour téléphone portable.


A rainbow prayer
Every night from 22:00 to 22:33,
we bring the earth love and peace by enlightenment shower.

In January 1st, 2000 a Leyline Project started by a rainbow.

On January 1st,
“the promise through space and time” was sent from the Cosmos Union .
I started to sow light seeds that is to say hikarino sumi
which have love, forgiveness, appreciation, clearing, harmony, joy and pleasure♪
in all over the world.

Now, I’m installing light center and continuing the Leyline Project.
This collaboration is a wonderful work.
That is... noticing you have freedom but also have constraints
and you understand to make a shift to blue planet of learning love.
Also it is a work that you enjoy doing your mission and create with enjoyment.
It is a collaboration work between light workers
who transmigrate on the earth at this time and planetary union including Archangel Michael.
(For details, visit our website or Marlin’s blog.)

Now we are reaching enlightenment.

Please do following menu. They are Marlin’s requests of you who have a magic stick which is transceiver can integrate of everything into conscious of light.

  1. Join rainbow prayer every night from 22:00 to 22:33, and surround yourself with energy of happiness like a rainbow. That helps you send happy energy to everything in the earth.
  2. Propagate wave of water that every living drainage withenclosed pawder of hikarinosumi.
    (Please wrap Aluminum foil around tap like followinf picture.
    We make it a massage from the Cosmos Union. )
写真1 写真2 写真3 写真4
↑A picture of Pink Dragon(PING LONG) is also in it.
Please surround the earth with love and happiness from water of your house.
And of course, the bath is very nice.

The powder of hikarinosumi is really valuable thing.
We are running out of stock. Please ask us from「our website 」if you need it.

※You can download the pictures of Pink Dragon(1,4,16,24) from here.  ※Please save the image by clicking.
ピンクドラゴン1体 ピンクドラゴン4体 ピンクドラゴン16体 ピンクドラゴン24体
Here is information of the Pink Dragon.※Use it by printout.

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